Events are spellbinding and potent lingress to upshot cortege and thrive your bottom line.

From perception to substantiality, we nail your events with a 360º approach.
Our tech savvy makes it easy to spur your clients and contacts with a result-driven event.

We do many events to promote your products/brand. With the help of which you can reach the consumers.                                                              This way we can create a great impact on your brand because they alone have the ability to reach the Target audience with speed and ease.

Some of our programmes are:

                                                                                         (i)   LED Walkers

                                                                                         (ii)  Seminars & Conferences

                                                                                         (iii) Road Shows

                                                                                         (iv) Event Management

                                                                                          (v) Exhibitions

                                                                                         (vi) Trade Shows


LED Walkers

Look walker is another distinct form of promoting your business. Unlike, other advertising forms, led walker walks with the audiences to catch their attention. It is one of the most commonly used advertising form in European countries, and is now gaining a strong foothold in India. We have group of trained professionals who walk in malls, at market places wearing led walkers to promote clients' business. Advantages of going for LED Walker:
  • walkers are easily carriable
  • Light weight backpacks which are LED illuminated
  • Do not cause climate heating
  • Eco-friendly and pollution free.
  • Promotion of new stores and products are done.
  • Cost effective and compact.